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In Defense of Paper

As we continue to move towards a paperless society, CERT member Dan Frondorf makes a case for the importance of paper plans in today’s ever changing estimating world. Dan’s article was published in the March/April 2020 edition of Design Cost Data (DCD) page 23.

The Developing Trend of Hiring Independent Consulting Estimators

The trend of hiring independent consulting estimators is gaining momentum. While many construction companies are now subcontracting their estimating projects to independent firms, others choose to integrate the consulting estimator into their in-house teams.

By Rifka Malik, CPESC, CPE




Let’s Level The Playing Field

Level the Playing Field

Let’s Level The Playing Field

Is it fair to place the burden of a quantity take-off on the contractor/sub-contractor?

By: Rifka Malik, CPESC

How Do YOU Use DCD Magazine?

Are you getting the most out of this publication? Is it possible that DCD can be an even greater resource to you and your firm?

The New Estimator

Level the Playing Field

For many in my profession, traditional roles and duties have developed into something that “old school” estimators wouldn’t necessarily recognize. Maybe a better verb for the previous sentence would be “transformed”, or perhaps more appropriately, “evolved”. It isn’t uncommon for the modern day estimator to wear even more hats than they always have. We’ve always had to have some of the same skills that other professionals have, even those outside of the construction industry. Sharing skills with architects, engineers, lawyers, and accountants has always been critical to the success of the estimator, but what we do with those skills is what has changed, particularly in the past 10 years.