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Estimators vs Bid Qualifiers

Article published in the September/October 2020 DCD magazine (page 46) written by CERT member Josh Huck, owner of Estimatica, Inc. https://www.dcd.com/issues/issue

In Defense of Paper

As we continue to move towards a paperless society, CERT member Dan Frondorf makes a case for the importance of paper plans in today’s ever changing estimating world. Dan’s article was published in the March/April 2020 edition of Design Cost Data (DCD) page 23. https://www.dcd.com/issues/issue

Viable Estimates and Good Shoes

Clink the link to read CERT member Rifka Malik, CPESC, CPE guest editorial publication in the January/February 2020 Erosion Control magazine pages 22 through 25. Erosion Control January and February 2020

The Developing Trend of Hiring Independent Consulting Estimators

The trend of hiring independent consulting estimators is gaining momentum. While many construction companies are now subcontracting their estimating projects to independent firms, others choose to integrate the consulting estimator into their in-house teams. By Rifka Malik, CPESC, CPE      

Level the Playing Field

Let’s Level The Playing Field

Let’s Level The Playing Field Is it fair to place the burden of a quantity take-off on the contractor/sub-contractor? By: Rifka Malik, CPESC

How Do YOU Use DCD Magazine?

Are you getting the most out of this publication? Is it possible that DCD can be an even greater resource to you and your firm?

Level the Playing Field

The New Estimator

For many in my profession, traditional roles and duties have developed into something that “old school” estimators wouldn’t necessarily recognize. Maybe a better verb for the previous sentence would be “transformed”, or perhaps more appropriately, “evolved”. It isn’t uncommon for the modern day estimator to wear even more hats than they always have.

My Journey

My Journey into unCERTainty

A little over two years ago I started thinking about starting an estimating and consulting business. After about nine months of thinking, planning, and weighing the options, I decided to go for it and started all the paperwork to establish an LLC with the State of Ohio.  

AEC Company Owners

Things an AEC Company Or Owner Should…

Things an AEC Company Or Owner Should Know When Hiring An Estimating Consultant Firm To Do Work For Their Business By Edward Walsh, Executive Director – CERT The Consulting Estimators Round Table [www.CERT-USA.org] has developed some recommended guidelines for any AEC firm, building owner or developer thinking about hiring the services of a CE firm.

Why Cert?


Architects, engineers, owners, developers, planners, law firms, sureties, and contractors no longer have to take as much risk or time when selecting an estimating consultant with whom to partner on their projects. There is now an excellent resource for those with a need for reliable construction cost estimating services to find experienced and dependable consulting construction estimators to work with when they need accurate and unbiased estimates for the projects they are designing, planning, negotiating, or bidding.

What Do I Really Need?

So you have decided that now is the time to go out and become a consultant. What tools do I really need and how can I get into the business without spending a lot of money.

Take Stage

CERT Consultants Take The Stage in Indianapolis

Members of the Consulting Estimator Roundtable (CERT), a trade association founded by several ASPE members who are independent consulting estimators, have developed and will present a three hour session focusing on the requirements for starting a practice, marketing it, finding clients, running it successfully, collecting payments, and making it a sustainable enterprise.

Other Services

Other Services for Estimating Firms

The reader might ask, why would an estimating firm provide services other than estimating? Many of us got started in this business doing something other than estimating.


Networking To Build An Estimating Consultancy

Traditional networking, (no password required), means that the more people one knows, and knows well, the wider the network.  Networking is a valuable resource and many businesses depend on it for survival. It means we can foster growth through introductions to new contacts by people we know, people who can offer personal references as to our skills and reliability.

Getting Paid

There is nothing as satisfying as payday. The hard work you have completed since the last payday is rewarded to you to maintain your lifestyle.

Expanding Our Horizons

Getting Started As An Estimating Consultant

Almost every estimator I have ever visited with has considered what it would be like to start up and run a professional cost estimating consultancy. A lot of contractor employed estimators do some amount of kitchen-table style moonlighting for a couple of clients as a way of picking up spending money.

Expanding Our Horizons

Expanding Our Horizons

For the past several years, many involved in ASPE leadership agt the national and chapter level have been estimators engaged in private practice – in other words, consultants.