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CMT Consultants, LLC

CMT Consultants, LLC has over 34 years of estimating experience in the industry – 22 years as a mechanical contractor and 12 years in construction management consulting.

The owner has earned the recognition of being named a Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) through the American Society of Professional Estimators. With the distinction of CPE, the estimator must be ethical at all times and provide an estimate that is within their skills.

The estimate is a tool for the owner/design team to ensure the project design is within budget and minimizes their risk as much as possible. An accurate estimate provides the entire design team a comfort level in knowing that their design is within the owner’s budget.

Each estimate submission is treated as a new project and will be tailored as needed for the owner’s requirements or special project elements. Some of these elements are: project phasing, wage rates, site conditions, overtime/premium time, compressed schedules, additions and/or renovations. All documents are reviewed and questions/assumptions are vetted prior to completion.

Each estimate will provide as much details/breakdown as possible. Included will be design contingencies, escalation to project midpoint, supervision, overhead and profit.

CMT Consultants, LLC has also attended the Virginia DGS/Bureau of Capital Outlay Management CPSM Seminar and is familiar with the estimates, estimating format and procedures required on Virginia DGS projects.

CMT Consultants, has experience in office buildings, K-12 schools, higher education, retirement/assisted living center, data centers, labs, hospitals, government buildings, parking garages, museums, recreation centers, public safety centers, courthouses, police stations, fire stations, etc.

Christopher M. Taylor, CPE, CPMP, VA