Mission Statement

“The CERT is the leading organization in promoting the work of the independent estimating consultancy to the AEC community – with the goal to raise the standards for best practices,education of consultants and validation of quality business practices. To foster networking and cooperation between consultant and to have the highest of ethical standards in estimating and consultancy.”

The Consulting Estimators Roundtable was founded by a group of professional cost consultants who believe that becoming a competent cost consultant should be more substantive then simply hanging out a shingle or placing an ad in a construction directory or trade journal. They view the growing trend of outsourcing as not just a challenge to their business , but a challenge to the professionalism of the entire cost consulting industry. They founded CERT with the confidence that providing strong and relevant credentialing in this non- regulated business would help maintain high professional standards ,without which under-qualified estimating firms could devolve into "estimating mills" and eventually degrade the industry.

Our estimators will estimate all the CSI Divisions: General Requirements-Existing Conditions-Concrete-Masonry-Metals-Carpentry-Thermal & Moisture Protection-Openings- Finishes-Specialties -Furnishings-Fire Suppressions- Mechanical-Plumbing-Electrical

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