Best Practices Conference Call

When: Friday, May 19, 2017
Topic: Teaching, Learning, and Presenting: How Sharing Our Knowledge Makes Us Better Estimators and Better Business Owners
Moderated By: Dan Frondorf, CPE, CDT, President and a CERT Founding Member, DG Frondorf and Associates LLC, VCEF Construction Estimating Consultants

Sharing knowledge and experiences are great ways to give back to the profession, increase your status as a subject matter expert, promote your business, and increase awareness of the importance of estimating as a necessary and meaningful part of the design and construction industry. There are many opportunities for CERT members to teach, author articles, present seminars, and to gain knowledge and grow professionally. Join us as we discuss how CERT members have availed themselves of the opportunities in the past, and how to do so in the future.

This Best Practices Conference call is presented by the CERT Education Committee. It is open to all members.