Computerized Estimating Services (CES)

Business Profile

Computerized Estimating Services (CES) is a privately held HUB certified woman-owned firm established in 1985. We have two locations one in Peoria, Illinois, and the other in Dallas, Texas. We perform commercial construction cost estimating, & scheduling services throughout the United States for Architects, Governmental Entities, Owners, Developers, Banks, Bonding Companies, Insurance Companies, and General Contractors.

CES operates their business with attention to detail and values teamwork on all projects.

Computerized Estimating Services (CES) employees at both the Texas and Illinois locations ready to be of service and meet all of your cost consulting needs.

Estimating Methodology

Computerized Estimating Services (CES) will meet with the Client and their design team to review the scope of work for each discipline.

CES will visit the proposed site after the design meeting and before beginning the Schematic Design Estimate (taking digital pictures). During this site visit, CES will make notes of any special needs such as power, utilities, grading, storm drainage, traffic flow, and signs of any existing above and below the grade structures that may need to be removed. These conditions will be researched with the design team and reflected in the estimate.

The estimates will be in the CSI format at each of the different design stages of the project using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The estimates include the summary sheet, exclusions, and clarifications, itemized list of general conditions, and the associated pricing sheets. These estimates will be emailed as a draft copy to the Client for review. Any mutually agreed changes to the estimate will be made as the final estimate for each design stage and re-emailed to the Client’s office for distribution.

During the course of the estimating procedures, any questions of the scope of work will be emailed to the Client’s office as the single source of responsibility. The responses to the questions from the design team will be incorporated into the estimate.

The pricing used in the estimate will reflect the local and current market conditions with a separate escalation factor if deemed necessary for the projected starting date. The pricing will not carry any hidden contingencies. The estimate will have a separately exposed line for design contingency on the summary sheet. The amount of the design contingency will reduce as the project progresses to completion. The summary sheets after the initial Schematic Design Estimate will have two additional separate columns entitled Previous Estimate and the second column entitled Difference so the changes in the estimate can be tracked.

CES will work together as a part of the design team to bring the project to successful completion.

A listing of specific projects will be submitted upon request or refer to our Website at (Texas), (Illinois) for a partial list of projects. If CES can be of any help, please do not hesitate to call at 309-981-9285

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