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Let’s Level The Playing Field

Let's Level The Playing Field Is it fair to place the burden of a quantity take-off on the contractor/sub-contractor? By: Rifka Malik, CPESC [su_document...

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The New Estimator

For many in my profession, traditional roles and duties have developed into something that “old school” estimators wouldn’t necessarily recognize. Maybe...

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Partnering for the Estimating Consultant

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Architects, engineers, owners, developers, planners, law firms, sureties, and contractors no longer have to take as much risk or time when...

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Getting Paid

There is nothing as satisfying as payday. The hard work you have completed since the last payday is rewarded to you to maintain your...

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Expanding Our Horizons

For the past several years, many involved in ASPE leadership agt the national and chapter level have been estimators engaged in...

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